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We are open Monday to Friday from 9:00am - 5:00pm. Outside these hours you can:

We'll respond to your message as soon as possible.

Keep in mind during winter storms we may close early, open late, or not open at all. We are closed during most holidays so call ahead if you are travelling out of your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we need to process a deposit to ensure your serious intent to complete the project. Deposits are either 50% or the estimated value of the artwork. If you cancel your order after we start the artwork or order the material, we will keep the payment for same plus a 15% service charge.

If you cancel your order after we start the artwork or order the material, we will keep payment for same plus a 15% service charge.

Yes – send a full size, high resolution file (300 dpi or more) in any of these formats: vector based .eps files, editable .pdf files or high resolution .jpg files. Ensure any text is converted to outlines/curves or send us the font files. Print projects should be designed using CMYK colors for best color matching.

No, we will only begin a design project if we are hired to do so and do not provide the service on speculation of future work.

Yes but sometimes fonts are missing and borders & graphics may not stay where you intended, so we will do our own set up if we encounter issues with your files.

Before we start a design project we determine your tastes, preferences and future plans via a consultation process to ensure that we meet your criteria.

Yes, approval is needed before we proceed to production so you will have the chance to make changes or revisions.

Yes, all customer files are kept and backed up to an external hard drive for use in future projects.

No, since we strive to make each project unique we will not reuse artwork between customers.

No, we do not send artwork files out before they are paid for in full.

Yes, for a small fee we will provide you with copies of your paid artwork in any file type you prefer.

Yes, unless it is a simple substitution of a phone number or email, design changes cost more. By providing us with correct information from the start you will save yourself money.

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